Treesse Ghost Spas Make Their US Debut

Immerse yourself in a state of tranquility and luxury, enriched with the embodiment of sophisticated Italian flair: Treesse hot tubs stand as an exquisite enhancement for homes and beyond.

Treesse hydrotherapy spas are characterized by a sleek and distinctive design. Their hydrotherapy mini pools (hot tubs) exude a minimalist charm that effortlessly harmonizes with any surroundings. Whether installed above ground or in-ground, indoors or outdoors, you’ll find the perfect solution for a seamless integration into your space.

Treesse collaborated with Marc Sadler, a globally acclaimed designer renowned for his ultramodern and minimalist creations. Together they have pioneered outstanding products, including the Ghost Spas, Ghost Plus Spas, and Pool spa lines, as well as the Aquarun swim spa, and more. Their combined efforts have unveiled innovative products that blend unparalleled visual allure with state-of-the-art technology. These creations were on display at this year International Pool and Spa Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Treesse Ghost Spa

Ghost Spas:

Treesse Spas captivate with their sleek design, featuring Ghost technology envisioned by Marc Sadler. With this distinctive system, every hydro-massage orifice remains discreetly concealed: nozzles and external jets become a distant recollection. Furthermore, the hydro-massage experience utilizes an array of precisely oriented jets, the siphon overflow, and vibrant LED lighting that are nestled within an internal perimeter groove, effectively obscuring all mechanical components. The outcome is spas that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here’s a list of the Ghost Spas models;

  • Fusion Spa 231 (oval shape for a single person)
  • Fusion Active 230 (two person)
  • Fusion Spa 230 (two person)
  • Fusion Spa 200 (round shape for 2 person)
  • Zen (5-6 person)
  • Zen Active (5-6 person)
  • Rest (5-6 person)
  • Wave (5-6 person)
  • Maya (5-6 person)
  • Muse (6-7 person).

Ghost Spas Plus
Elegantly designed spas boast captivating aesthetics. The pinnacle of Ghost’s operational prowess lies in the innovative Ghost Plus technology, an exclusive patent by Treesse. This technology enhances the already imperceptible hydromassage, incorporating additional jets for heightened performance. Despite the advanced Ghost Plus technology, the spas’ shapes and lines remain prominently featured. Concealing all hydro-massage components within an internal perimeter groove, the design also accommodates multicolored LED lighting that mimics the therapeutic effects of chromotherapy. Here’s a list of the Ghost Plus Spas Models:

  • Shadow (2-3 person)
  • Phantom (5-6 person)
  • Maya GP (5-6 person)
  • Muse GP (6-7 person)
Tresse hot tub

We are unclear as to who the U.S. distributors will be at this time but given the appeal of the products, we are certain they will have those pieces in place soon. Hopefully we will see the Ghost Spas series on showroom floor near you sometime this year.

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