Traveling Hot Tub Show – Spa Blowout – Receives Complaint on Local News

In a recent story, FOX 43 News, shares why would-be hot tub buyers should think twice before purchasing at traveling hot tub shows and super sales.

The story describes how a York County, PA woman attended a traveling hot tub show and put a deposit down an a Barefoot Spa that she later called to cancel after reading negative reviews about the promotor of the show, Spa Blowout. She contacted the Spa Blowout to cancel her order and was advised that she would lose her $500 deposit only to have the hot tub show up on her front lawn without her knowledge or consent. The woman allegedly reached out to the company to have them come back and pick up the hot tub for nearly a month but she got nowhere with them. She finally reached out to her local news channel segment “FOX 43 Finds Out” and they were able to help her resolve the matter. An attorney representing Spa Blowout reached out and had the hot tub removed and the customer’s money refunded.

We’ve written about traveling hot tub shows and shared the risks and concerns with purchasing a hot tub under these circumstances. In the end, it’s not worth it as the “deals” aren’t what they are cracked up to be and the post-sales support (delivery, service, warranty, and customer service) is almost non-existing.

With regard to the above scenario the FTC has laws in place to help protect consumers against predatory business practices. The one specific rule is called the “cooling off rule” rule which gives consumers 3 days to cancel and rescind a transaction for any reason. It is important to know your rights as a consumer especially when making a large purchase like a hot tub or swim spa.

3 thoughts on “Traveling Hot Tub Show – Spa Blowout – Receives Complaint on Local News

  1. The same thing happened to me, likely at the same “Blowout” weekend in the beginning of August 2019. I was promised a letter from the factory certifying the spa as an approved medical device for hydrotherapy. They had conveniently just given their last letter away, and I agreed to let them email me a copy. I am still waiting for the letter, but at least I refused to let the driver arrange to deliver the spa. They still have the spa and my money.

    1. Same for me. I paid the down payment, and paid half to begin construction of the tub. Then when I realized they were going to droop it on my driveway and not install it as promised by the salesman I refused delivery. I am out over $4K . SPABLOWOUT-FRAUD, FRAUD , FRAUD

  2. These guys are crooked! Wife and I attends their “blowout “ sale. That’s a lie anyway. They took a $500 deposit out of my account Before even running the credit. Then after we were declined by their finance company, they wanted to Keep the deposit to “lock in” their high price. High pressure sales! Limited selection, high prices (start at $8700). Outright lies! Swindlers! Don’t go to their shows!!!! Crooks!

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