Three Reasons for Good Hot Tub Filter Maintenance

hot tub filter maintenance“Maintenance” is the word that makes many homeowners cringe at the thought of it. Besides, who wants to do more work when they could be playing or spending time with their families. When it comes to hot tub maintenance, one of the most important things you can do is to take good care of your hot tub filters. It takes very little time if you stay on top of it and can pay big dividends. Clean and well-maintained filters make for proper hot tub hygiene, clear water, and adequate waterflow through the hot tub circulation system.

1. Hygiene – Proper filtration provides good hot tub hygiene and ensures cleaner water. If you’ve purchased a used hot tub or purchased a home with an existing hot tub then it is highly recommended that you drain the hot tub, refill, and replace the filters even if they are in good shape for hygienic reasons. Bathing in a hot tub with someone else filters is like using someone else’s toothbrush.

2. Clarity – Clear water is purely predicated on filtration. Basically all of the debris and organic matter that gets into the hot tub is removed by filter. Filter need to be cleaned regularly and replaced regularly in order to keep your hot water looking crystal clear.

3. Adequate Flow – In a hot tub, water circulates from inside the tub where the bathers sit directly into the filters and then into the heater. If your filters are partially clogged or fully clogged then waters is not effectively drawing into the heater like it is supposed and can cause a mechanical failure. The heater can also overheat due to a lack of water and cause the system to shut down. A lack of flow can also cause the circulation pump or jet pump to run dry and also overheat/breakdown. So you can see that filter maintenance can affect equipment performance and longevity as well as water clarity.

Hot tub filters typically last 1-2 years if regularly maintained. You can check with your local hot tub dealer to get specific recommendations on your make and model. Regular maintenance includes rinsing them with a high-pressure hose 1-2 time month and soaking them in a filter cleaning solution every 2-3 months for a deeper cleaning. It is very important when rinsing filters to get in between the individual pleats so that you can flush out all of the debris that maybe lodged in there. The filters are made of material that has pores and over time the materials and pores breakdown which require replacement even though they may still “look good”.

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