Things to Consider Before Installing a Hot Tub

view from hot tubWhether you envision your hot tub in a breezy, serene setting outdoors, or as part of your in-home gym, the best location for your tub will probably be a balance between your personal preferences along with the practical aspects of your property or home. A hot tub can be put anywhere inside or outside a home, as long as the utility connections (power and water) it requires to operate are close by.

Your dream of creating “party central” on your deck by adding a hot tub, could be realized if there is enough deck space available for a portable grill, a small refrigerator, table and chairs, and maybe an informal privacy screen where guests can change without having to go through the house to the bathroom.

The Weather

If you see yourself hot tubbing outside in every kind of weather, on cold days and nights, your family and guests will probably appreciate having the tub in close proximity to the house and a bathroom for drying off and changing clothes.
Think about the variations in wind and sun conditions. If your yard is exposed to gusty winds from time to time, or has a lot of hot sunny days, consider putting up some type of barrier or enclosure, such as a gazebo (some models come with windows), that will shelter users from the wind or provide shade on hotter days.

The View from Your Tub

Features like an arbor, a waterfall, tall plants, a fountain or a rock sculpture can add beauty to the hot tub’s surroundings and help create a very pleasant, relaxing ambiance for the tub’s users.

Do you love the idea of a lushly landscaped environment? Start by consulting with a landscaper or a home improvement center for help with choosing plants that grow well in your location. Flowering plants can reinforce a tropical feeling by adding fragrance to the air, but they can also attract bees and wasps. Plants located too close to the hot tub can mean leaves and other unwanted things dropping into your tub.

User Privacy and Access

You have located the most private area of your yard, but it is not close enough to the house, or you still want more privacy for your hot tub users. Some ways to maximize privacy are using a large patio covering, installing a protective structure or enclosure, such as a gazebo, around the tub, or strategically place tall plants or bamboo on the perimeter of the yard to create a foliage barrier, or wall.

Think about the path users will take from the house to the tub and back. In its present condition, will it be easy on the tub users’ feet as they dash back and forth? Perhaps some large pavers or smooth stepping-stones would make a much nicer walkway between the tub and the house.

Before planning your hot tub installation, check with your local authorities for any building codes related to hot tubs. Most portable hot tub don’t require permits, however, it’s always best to check ahead of time and avoid any unwanted surprises.

It is also smart to talk to a hot tub industry professional for tips and advice.  Getting a hot tub buyer’s consult or hot tub shopper’s consult can be one of the most valuable steps you can take before purchasing as they can help you find the best brands available in your market at the most affordable price.  Hot Tub Insider provides several buyer’s consult services.

For more information you can visit our brands pagesbuyers guides, or simply fill out our “Free Local Hot Tub Quotes” form to get competitive prices on hot tubs and swim spas in your local area.

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  1. Enjoying a relaxing dip in a hot tub while still having some privacy could be a great focus for our next landscaping project. Since we have a large property that we can use for something like this, installing something that can help us pretend like we have a spa resort will really be a great investment. I’ll go and ask around for any appliance sales stores that can help us with getting the hot tubs we need for this project.

  2. Protecting our outdoor bathtub installation from the local weather could pay off indeed. That way, we can use it without worrying about any major weather-induced damage, thus making it usable whenever possible. Once I find a spa & salon provider in the area, I’ll ask them to help me get a model I can use for this project before installing some coverage.

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