The Stump Tub Combines Nature with Imagination

A young couple on TikTok has captured the imagination of millions with their creative homesteading endeavors in the Pacific Northwest. Jacob Witzling, a former teacher, and Sara Underwood, a former model, have been building unique outdoor structures and dwellings on their 15-acre property known as Cabinland. However, it is their latest project that has garnered widespread attention on social media.

In a series of TikTok videos and YouTube videos, Witzling and Underwood documented how they repurposed a massive 73-year-old spruce tree stump into an outdoor hot tub. The tub, which is 30 inches deep and lovingly dubbed the “Stump Tub,” has become a whimsical centerpiece of their homesteading journey. Witzling initially shared the concept on TikTok in October, and the video has since received over 30 million views.


Experimenting can be risky… I hope this works #diy #handmade #tree #art #chainsaw

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In the videos, Witzling and Underwood show how they hollowed out the stump using a chainsaw, sanded down the surface, and installed a propane water heater. They also built an external ladder for easy entry and exit. The finished stump hot tub was unveiled in December, and the couple was seen enjoying a dreamy soak in the rain.

In subsequent videos, Witzling shared details about how the tub fills and drains, with water entering at 120 degrees and taking 20 minutes to fill. After using the tub, they attach a garden hose to the drain pipe and use the remaining water for their property’s trees.

Fans who have been following Witzling and Underwood’s journey are captivated by their creativity and resourcefulness. Comments expressing admiration and inspiration flood their videos, with many expressing a desire to have their own “Stump Tub.” However, this is not the only project that has gained attention for the couple.

Witzling’s channel on TikTok, which primarily focuses on wood-chopping, has also gained a substantial following with his collection of homemade axes and unique chopping techniques. Additionally, their Cabinland property, with its unique aesthetic and various structures, such as a cabin in their truck’s cargo bed, a sauna, and huts for water equipment and clothing storage, has also garnered admiration.

Through their creative and sustainable approach to homesteading, Witzling and Underwood have captured the hearts and minds of millions on TikTok and beyond. Their repurposed hot tub made from a 73-year-old spruce tree stump is just one example of their innovative spirit and dedication to living a unique and inspiring lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest.

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