Tax Refund Season Means Time to Buy a Hot Tub!

tax refund to buy spaIn a recent survey by, the number one thing that Americans who will receive a tax refund choose to do with their windfall of cash is to pay off debt.  The second thing was to “make a major purchase” which in our book qualifies as a hot tub!  With the average tax refund totaling roughly $3000, it’s a healthy down payment for a hot tub or enough to buy a less expensive spa outright.  I was in hot tub retail for nearly 15 years and without fail we would see a slew of customer pour into the store between Mar-May looking to put their new found cash to work.  Spring also kicks off the hot tub season for most dealers and retailers which also means great sales and promotions for those looking to buy

If you’re looking to purchase a hot tub with your hard earned refund and want to get competitive local price quotes in your area then complete our online free local hot tub quotes form (pink box) and we will match you with reputable, local retailers in your area for the best prices of the season.



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