Some common dilemmas homeowners face when trying to decide whether to leave or take their hot tub when they move are:

  1. If I take it, I will spend time and money getting the bulky tub loaded onto a large truck and hauled off (whether I hire a moving pro or do it myself); however, I will not have to buy a new one for my new home.
  2. If I leave it, it may help sell my house, and at a better price; but, the added profit on the sale might not be enough to cover the cost of a new tub for the new house.

More things to consider when deciding to take or leave your hot tub:

  • A hot tubs is often a big selling point for a home. If you think you need the added amenity to help sell your home, it is probably a good financial decision to leave it.
  • Hiring professional hot-tub movers does not necessarily avoid a hassle. Many homeowners will get physically involved in the effort, even with hired pros. Moving it yourself means recruiting friends to help, and paying the rental cost of a large trailer, which may not be worth it.
  • You are moving far away. A long distance move means lots of mileage charges and proper packaging for transport, so be sure you know all the costs involved before making your decision.
  • You are downsizing or upgrading with your move. Your current tub may, or may not, be a good fit – size, dimensions, features – for your new home. This could be the right time to switch to a portable hot tub instead of an in-ground model, or vice versa.
  • Your hot tub is older, small, or not in good condition. An older or small hot tub, or one that has not been well maintained may not be worth taking or leaving. Prospective buyers are not likely to see it as a “bonus feature” of your home, or may even consider it an “eyesore.” However, if a new enclosure or a new cover is all it needs, it might be worth doing. If it is not worth taking or leaving then it may be wise to have it disposed of before selling your home.

The right decision is the one that balances your personal and financial needs and desires. Make two lists – one with all the reasons you can think of to take your hot tub, and another list of the reasons to leave it. Whichever list is longer is probably the one that helps you decide.

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