“Swimply” Offers Swimming Pool and Hot Tubs Rentals

Swimply is the newest mobile phone application for luxury swimming pool and hot tub rentals by the hour. This very cool and trendy new app offers individuals or groups the ability to rent residential swimming pools and hot tubs by the hour in 21 states and two countries (Australia and Canada). The app is growing in popularity with users and individuals looking to make some extra cash out of their pools and spas when they aren’t using them.

Swimming pool and hot tub rental prices range from $45-$150 per hour depending on the size, amenities, destination, location, and time of year (demand).

Additional amenities such as pool floaties, pool toys, basketball court, changing room, and other outdoor/recreational facilities are also available depending on the property.

Swimply is simply cool. Let’s just hope it catches on and isn’t just a fad in the iPhone application ecosystem.

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