Superior Wellness Continues to Grow

UK based Superior Wellness continues to grow its network of brands and global distribution. It was recently named #18 on Britain’s fastest growing 100 privately held companies list. We’ve been writing about this company for some time and tracking their progress as their growth plans have made their way stateside. The company’s management has executed flawlessly over the past 3-4 years with a lot of help from the pandemic which sent demand for hot tubs and swim spas through the roof to unprecedented levels. Some of the highlights and milestones or Superior Wellness include expanding manufacturing in Chinda, increasing warehousing and distribution space in the UK, developing niche brands, creating more products, and adding innovative technology. For example, they recently launched a 3D Augmented Reality tool that lets you visualize one of their Platinum Spas brand models in your own backyard using an iPhone or other smartphone. You simply scan a QR code using your smartphone camera and you’ll get a full size (100%) visualization of that model against any backdrop.

Superior Wellness Brands

Super Wellness currently offers 8 brands;

  1. Platinum Spas – these hot tubs and swim spas are more on the premium side of the market with three levels to choose from (Holiday Let, Deluxe Range Spas, and Premium Range Spas)
  2. Superior Spas
  3. Fiji Spas – Canadian built spas with a host of features and upgrades.
  4. BeWell Canada Spas – designed and engineered for colder, harsher climates.
  5. California Spas – Entry level, budget level hot tubs that can run on 110v or 220v. Models include Santa Cruz, Venice, Laguna, and Malibu.
  6. Thermals Spas – innovative, stylish, and modern hot tubs and swim spas
  7. AquaSolus Spas – literally translates to “health through water” (Latin). Premium level hot tubs with hydrotherapy and energy efficiency at the forefront.
  8. Vacation Range Spas – designed and engineered for the vacation home buyer. Spacious layouts and minimal components maximize the fun and reduces the maintenance of owning a hot tub or spa.

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