Sundance Spas Best Sellers for 2018

Sundance Spas, part of Jacuzzi Brands, has been bringing quality and innovation to the hot tub industry for nearly 40 years.  It has now become one of the largest hot tub brands in the world and boasts over 25 unique models covering all budgets and sizes.

We’ve taken some time to identify the best-selling hot tub models for 2018 in each category for reference.  You will also find price ranges for these particular models.  Sundance Spa prices will vary slightly from market to market and based on additional features and upgrades.

Sundance Spas Luxury Level:

Kingston – $13,000-$15,000

Claremont – $13,000-$15,000

Sundance Spas Premium Level:

Optima – $11,000-$12000

Cameo – $11,000-$12,000

Chelsea – $9,000-$10,000

Sundance Spas Mid-Level

Peyton – $6,000-$7000

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