SuitMate Swimsuit Super Dryer

Ever get tired of traveling with a wet bathing suit? It’s that last day of vacation and your flight is late in the day which means you get to take one last dip in the swimming pool or hot tub but what about the wet bathing suits? Say good bye to plastic bags or damp bathing suits in your suitcase because with the SuitMate you can remove 95% of the water in just 8 seconds by dropping that wet bikini or set of boardshorts into the SuitMate extractor.

The cool thing about the SuitMate is that it’s not a dryer in the traditional sense but rather its an extractor. The water is extracted from the clothing through a high speed spinning process without heat (which can damage some bathing suits).

According to the company’s website, Extractor Corporation developed this technology back in 1983 and their first working model was sold in 1985. Since then over 25,000 commercial units have been sold to health clubs, schools, hotels, resorts, water parks, etc. The units go for around $2000 which can be cost prohibitive for residential purposes. Hopefully they come up with a residential version at a lower price point so that homes with swimming pools, swim spas, and hot tubs can have the same convenience.

For more information on the SuitMate you can reach them at:

Extractor Corporation685 Martin Drive
Post Office Box 99
South Elgin, Illinois 60177
Phone: (800) 553-3353 US and Canada

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