Selling Your Home with a Hot Tub? Maximize Its “Selling Points” for a Quicker Sale

What appeal most to most people? Probably pleasure, relaxation, beauty, and fun! Highlighting the fact that your hot tub can provide all of these to potential buyers and their families can speed up the process of finding a new owner for your home.

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Showcase Your Hot Tub’s Best Features

Take a proactive approach, and highlight your hot tub’s best features when staging your home for showings. You can even put your hot tub at the top of your list of value-increasing improvements to make at your home before listing or showing it.

Consider doing whatever it takes to, and around, your hot tub in order to maximize its appeal to potential buyers (and Realtors) with a tantalizing preview of the awesome features.

Here are some ways to increase the desirability of your home, vis-à-vis your hot tub:

• Install mood lighting, if you do not already have it.
• If your tub has a water feature, leave the tub open during viewings to show it off.
• If you have a sound system for your hot tub, play pleasant music during viewings.
• Improve the landscape near or around the hot tub with new or different plantings.
• Add an attractive stepping-stone path from the house to the hot but to help create a cohesive backyard environment.
• If your hot tub could use more privacy, build a fence or other structure that provides it.
• Clean or paint the cabinetry or exterior of your tub, and use colors that match or harmonize with your house or deck colors.
• Make sure the hot tub cover is gleaming clean, or replace it with a new one.
• The hot tub’s water should be as pristine and sparkling as possible. Try adding a clarifier to the water to intensify its blue color.
• Create an inviting setting near the hot tub with comfortable chairs, an umbrella table and tall potted plants (you can rent them), where viewers can sit and relax while admiring the hot tub’s environment.
• For night-time showings, place safely encased candles near the tub, or use the type of candles that float on the water.

The goal is to entice potential buyers to fall in love with your home by showing off its best assets; and a desirable hot tub in a beautiful, relaxing setting has the power to do just that.

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