How To Sell A Hot Tub or Spa

Have a hot tub you are no longer using or want to turn into cash? How do you sell a hot tub? In this article we will discuss the different ways you can prepare, package, and market your hot tub to sell.

First off, it is important that you prepare the hot tub or get it in sellable condition. Selling a hot tub is like selling your car. Make sure it is detailed and clean so it is aesthetically appealing to a potential buyer. You can start by draining the hot tub and cleaning the shell and jets thoroughly. Before used hot tub spadraining, you can also run a purge product through the plumbing so that any biofilm, debris, or scale is removed from the plumbing lines. Many hot tub stores sell this product and it is typically added to the hot tub when filled (and temperature is hot). Once added you can run the jets for 15-30 minutes so that the purge product can circulate throughout all of the plumbing to clear out the lines. Then you typically let the spa sit for a few hours and then you run the jets again for another 15-30 minutes before completely draining the spa. Also consider pressure washing the cabinet and cleaning cover as this will also make a noticeable difference. If you have a synthetic cabinet then a quick pressure washing is sufficient. If you have a real wood cabinet then applying a coat of stain after pressure washing can really make the cabinet look like new again. You may also want to have an inspection done by a certified spa care professional. They can run a full diagnostic check to make sure everything is operating as expected. Spa companies charge anywhere from $80-$150 for this type of inspection and it can bring peace of mind to any buyer who is considering buying your hot tub and can help you fetch a premium. Finally, keep the tub running and hot while marketing it for sale so that a potential buyer can see it in action and there will be no doubts that it is fully functional.

Second, it is a good idea to find a local hot tub moving company that would be willing to assist the buyer in moving the hot tub from your home to the buyer’s home. You can build this cost into the price of your hot tub which ranges from $150-$300 or simply advise the potential buyer that you’ve looked into the moving costs and give them the referral for the moving company. All of this can take the headache out of buying the tub for a potential buyer and make for a smooth transaction. Furthermore, if you have chemicals, filters, or accessories on hand then you can include those in your marketing remarks which will add value for any potential buyers.

Third, you must consider where you will market your hot tub to find a suitable buyer. There are three ways to do this;selling hot tubs and spas

  1. Consignment or Sale to a Dealer – Some hot tub retailers will take your hot tub on consignment and will work out a fair split for their services. Some might also give you a fair price for your hot tub “as is” and then fix it up and sell it on their own. This isn’t terribly common but may be an option depending on the local dealers in your area.
  2. Craigslist – We’ve all come to know Craigslist as a great option for selling or getting rid of our unwanted things and hot tubs are no exception. You can find a large array of hot tubs for sale on Craigslist and it can be a good marketing channel if you are looking to sell your hot tub
  3. Hot Tub Insider – We at Hot Tub Insider offer a free classifieds section for hot tub sellers. We have an advantage over Craigslist or other online classifieds since we are a more targeted and niche market place exclusively for hot tub and spas.

We at Hot Tub Insider work hard at creating relevant information and resources to the hot tub community and hope that you find this article helpful.

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