Passion Swim Spas Linear Swim Deck

Passion Spas is enhancing and improving their line up of swim spa even further with the introduction of a horizontal canister manifold system for their linear swim jets (5). In the hot tub and swim spa world it seems that every year someone is trying to invent a better widget or reinvent the wheel so to speak if not for a truly better product then at least a good sale pitch or story. The Passion Swim Spas canister system is all about equal and smooth distribution of water along it’s swim deck or swim jet interface. The canister manifold does just that as the jet pumps are all connected to the horizontal canister and water is then equally distributed among several discharge lines (based on number of swim jets) in equal proportion creating a nice and consistent swim current.

Passion Swim Spas Cansiter Manifold
Canister Manifold Feeding 5 Swim Jets

This is a better design than a traditional one-to-one swim pump to swim jet or one pump to multiple swim jets design because pump placement, plumbing distances (hydrostatic pressure), and other nuances create inconsistencies in swim jet performance.

Passion Swim Spa Jets
Linear Swim Deck

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