Passion Spas Releases Spa Heat Pump for Heating and Cooling

Passion Spas is entering the hot tub heating and cooling (chilling) market with the release of their auxiliary (external) heat pump system which is available on both hot tubs and swim spas according to representatives.

Passion Spas External Heat Pump

The external heat pump unit is plumbed directly to the spa or swim spa and is capable of providing a temperature range of 55 degrees to 104 degrees. In some of the hotter year-round climates or areas with very hot summers there is a big demand for hot tubs refrigeration or hot tub cooling systems. There’s also the cold plunge pool market that likes the idea of being able to have the versatility of one unit that can offer both hot water therapy and cold water therapy especially among competitive athletes.

The Passion Spas heat pump system debut was at this year International Pool and Spa Expo in New Orleans (November). Pricing availability should come later this year or in early 2020.

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