Outdoor Jacuzzis

Outdoor jacuzzis are just another term for hot tubs.  The term “jacuzzi” actually refers to a brand of hot tub that pioneered the industry over 50 years ago and the name became synonymous with portable hot tubs much like “rollerblades” became synonymous with inline skates during the 1990s.  I’ve been in retail for 18 years and to this day I hear people walk into a show or showroom and ask if these are “outdoor jacuzzis” or “portable jacuzzis” not realizing that what they mean to say is “hot tub”.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs is one of the biggest hot tub brands in the world if not the biggest and clearly the most well known.  There are nearly 100 hot tub brands across the country that sell portable hot tubs but Jacuzzi still dominates with their name and good reputation.

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