Original XBox Hot Tub – X Tub

For all of you XBox fanatics don’t get too excited. Although this image looks like the real thing it’s not. It is a digital rendering by NFT Artist @kidd_gorgeous which surfaced on a Reddit post a few days ago and has already amassed a ton of upvotes.

The image features what looks like the first generation Xbox console as a real life hot tub with the “X” portion being the shell of the hot tub and where the seats are located and the rest of the console being the cabinet and surround of the hot tub. It also has an adjacent back wall featuring none other than Master Chief overlooking bathers as they soak. It’s a pretty unique and cool concept that actually wouldn’t be that difficult to produce in real life as there are a ton of modern looking shapes and designs being produced by hot tub manufacturers across North America.

In the fast-approaching world of Web 3.0 we will likely see all kinds of cool swim spa and hot tub designs in the metaverse, virtual worlds, and NFTs. Not the same as the real thing but in the metaverse the possibilities are limitless!

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