NW Spa Sale Information and Reviews

As part of our commitment to hot tub buyers and transparency in the hot tub industry we’ve created a page for consumers to offer reviews and feedback regarding their experiences with traveling hot tub shows, hot tub expos, and hot tub super sales.

This post in particular is for buyers to share experiences with a hot tub show promotor calling themselves the NW Spa Sale. From the information available on their website this particular traveling hot tub sale is promoted in Washington State, primarily the Puget Sound (Western Washington).

The primary hot tub lines offered at this event are Coast Spas (Canadian made). They claim to give savings of thousands of dollars off retail.

The NW Spa Sale is promoted and hosted by a local hot tub dealer called Rich’s For The Home making the NW Spa Sale less of a “turn and burn” show and more of a legitimate spa sale because they offer buyers the peace of mind of having a local store for warranty support and post-sales support. Feel free to post comments or ask questions if you’ve had any experiences you would like to share.

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