Newly Appointed Attorney General Shows New Hot Tub Invention for People with Mobility Issues

Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, promotes an innovative hot tub swivel chair design for people with mobility issues.  Looking at this invention from a hot tub industry veteran’s perspective it seems like a great, useful product.  There are many elderly, disabled, handicapped, or individuals with mobility problems that this would benefit greatly.  The problem with this picture is not the innovative product, it’s that the company behind it, World Patent Marketing (based in Miami), was recently shut down and a federal judge ordered 26 million dollars in damages for what the Federal Trade Commission described as systematically deceptive practices.  The whole story is told in articles on the and the  Matthew Whitaker has not been accused of any criminal or civil misconduct regarding his involvement with World Patent Marketing but his short lived affiliation with the hot tub industry is interesting.

More important than the politics is the hope that this innovative product comes to market.  In some preliminary searching on the web we did find a similar product on Pinterest but was unable to find any production units at this time.


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