New House… Existing Hot tub? How to Revive a Dormant Hot Tub

hot tub restorationIf you bought a house with an older hot tub, or have one that hasn’t been used in a long time, you may be thinking about restoring it to a pristine state and get it functioning again. If you want to restore it yourself, the following steps, used by hot tub restoration specialists, should provide you with enough guidance to decide if you want to attempt it yourself. Be sure you understand all the entire process before beginning.

If you find any of these steps unclear or daunting, get professional advice from a dealer or product supplier before attempting them, or hire a professional hot tub cleaner to perform some, or all of the steps.

Note: Before starting, be sure the tub is completely disconnected from its power source.

Drain, Clean, Inspect, Repair, Flush and Refill the Tub

• The tub’s plumbing system will need to be de-contaminated. We would recommend buying a hot tub purge or hot tub flush product. Follow the instruction on the product you purchase to perform this task. These products, depending on their potency, require you to add the solution when the tub is filled (remove filters first) and let the jets run on high-speed for 20-30 minutes in order to circulate the solution thru all of the plumbing and jets. Then they recommend letting the solution soak in the spa for 12-24 hours and then running the jets again for 20-30 minutes before draining the tub entirely. This process is designed to remove biofilm, scale, and contaminants from the hot tub plumbing that build up over years of usage.

• After running the purge product referenced above then dump out any water or debris you find in the tub. An empty tub is easier to clean and check for cracks, mold or other problems.

• Scour the entire tub with recommended hot tub cleaners, including the shell and cover. You could use a pressure washer if you can confirm that the tub is able to withstand it. While cleaning, check for scratches, cracks or other damage that may need repair. Rinse off the cleaning solution thoroughly and completely.

• While the tub is empty, remove the filters and soaking them overnight in a filter cleaner. If they look in good shape, put them back. If they have any tears, or you are unsure of their condition, replace them with new filters. If you’ve moved to a house or purchased a house with a tub then we would recommend replacing with new filter from a hygienic standpoint.

• While the tub is drying out, check for problems caused by dampness, such as mildew or mold damage.

• If the hot tub has not been in use for longer than two months, have a professional inspector check the electrical system’s wiring and fix any problems before using the tub.

• Check the tub’s cover. Clean it thoroughly and apply a good vinyl protector. If it is torn, get it repaired. If it is waterlogged, replace it.

• Refill the hot tub with fresh water, and restore the proper chemical levels, with particular attention to pH and total alkalinity. This is an important last step of cleaning a hot tub.

When your tub is sparkling clean, the water is balanced, and you are confident that its structure, plumbing and electrical systems are in good order, you can start enjoying your refurbished hot tub.

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