Negotiating a Hot Tub or Swim Spa Purchase

Can you negotiate a hot tub or swim spa purchase? The short answer is “yes”. In many cases you can negotiate the purchase of a hot tub, just like you can negotiate the price of many other products such as cars. Negotiating a hot tub can be an effective way to potentially get a better deal or added value when buying a hot tub. You can also seek the advice of a third party professional that can assist you with finding the right hot tub or swim spa in your budget and also have them help you with your negotiations. Here are some tips on how to negotiate a hot tub or swim spa purchase. 

Do Your Research:

Before you start negotiating, research the hot tub brands and models you like. Then narrow down your research to just 2-3 hot tub models.

Shop Around:

Visit multiple hot tub dealerships or online retailers to compare prices and options. Different hot tub retailers may offer different deals or promotions, giving you leverage when negotiating.

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away:

One of the most powerful negotiation tactics is your willingness to walk away if you can’t get the deal you are happy with. If the salesperson knows you’re serious about finding the best price, they may be more motivated to work with you on price.

Bundle Deals:

Inquire about bundle deals or packages that may include other larger ticket items like saunas, gazebos, grills, fireplaces, or game room furniture, etc.  Many hot tub retailers offer other seasonal products such as the aforementioned items and may offer a package deal if you buy two or more higher priced items.

Timing Matters:

Consider the timing of your purchase. Hot tub dealerships may be more willing to negotiate during slow seasons or when they have excess inventory. They may also offer discounts on floor models, demo models, scratch and dent model, refurbished models, or last-year’s models.

Never Hurts to Ask for a Discount:

Politely ask the salesperson if there are any current promotions, discounts, or financing options available.

Negotiate Extras Instead of Cash:

Besides the price of the hot tub itself, you can negotiate for extras like delivery, cover, spa care chemicals, accessories, model options or upgrades, or extended warranties. These can add significant value to your purchase.

Be Courteous and Build Rapport With Saleperson:

Not all dealers price their hot tubs to include room for negotiation but many do. You can feel this out by simply asking a few of the questions referenced earlier in this article without being insulting.

Always remember that negotiation is a two-way street, and both parties should ideally come away feeling good about “the deal”. Be patient and flexible in your approach, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and always ask for everything to be put in writing on your sales order or contract. With good preparation and a win-win approach, you can increase your chances of getting a better deal on your hot tub or swim spa purchase. If you’re shy or reluctant to ask for these things then feel free to employ the services of Hot Tub Insider. We offer a hot tub buyer’s consult to take care of the hassles of researching and buying a hot tub or swim spa.

For more information on how to research and compare hot tubs before purchasing please visit our hot tub buyer’s guide pages. You can also click on the pink boxes at the top right of every page to get a free local quotes from dealers in your area. 

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