Music City Party Tub – Hot Tub on Wheels!

Just when you’ve thought that every fun and quirky activity has already been considered and put into action you find that you are dead wrong or pleasantly surprised. Like the idea of cruising around one of the Country’s most fun and exciting cities in a hot tub party bus. Nashville is that city and Music City Party Bus is that new, novel idea.  Imagine spending 2-4 hours with some of your best girl and guy friends on a Saturday or Sunday kicking back with a nice cold beverage in a hot tub while touring all of the city’s landmarks listening to great music. 

It’s even better if you are from out of town and traveling with a group for a bachelor party, bachelorette party, guys trip, girls trip, or even a family vacation.  There’s no better way to take in the sights and sounds of Nashville. 

The Music City Party Bus is basically a trailer towed by a pick-up truck with a maximum occupancy of 12 people and a rate of around $400 for a 2 hour experience. $400 divided amongst a large group is a small price to pay for such a cool and unique experience. The trailer is equipped with a hot tub which can seat a maximum of six soakers at any given time.  It’s also features wall to wall windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling which provides great views but also negates any privacy.  

There is also a “bring your own boos policy”. Riders can bring beverages of their choice as long as it is not open container which means canned beer or wine is acceptable.  

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