MSpa Oslo Hot Tub To Be Released in 2023

MSpa has long cornered the market with respect to inflatable and semi-rigid hot tubs. They’ve utilized cutting edge materials and technology such as their DWF material which is a high pressure, drop-stitch fabric that can be inflatable similar to a standup paddleboard. They’ve also added remote management features such as the Mspa Link APP which lets the user enjoy full control of the hot tub from anywhere using a smartphone.

For 2023 they’ve added to their premium FRAME Series spas with the addition of the MSpa Oslo, MSpa Tribeca, and MSpa Mono. The nicest of which is the Oslo. The MSpa Oslo has nearly all of the features of a traditional acrylic hot tub equipped with hydrotherapy water jets, UVC water purification, LED lights, headrests, and a nice all-in-one digital control panel. The lightweight and extremely portable design makes the Oslo a no brainer for someone who wants to add a hot tub to virtually any location in their home, vacation house, or simply wanting a hot tub that they can setup and put away in less than 30 minutes. It also features a very appealing look and aesthetic that makes it a nice focal point and not an eye sore like most inflatables.

Finally, the MSpa Oslo operates on a simple 110v plug and play electrical connection.

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