Moving Your Hot Tub Yourself

moving a hot tubMany people who do not want to hire a professional mover, or attempt the move themselves, choose to leave the hot tub where it is and buy a new one for their new home – which may or may not be a good financial decision.

If you are not opposed to doing the move yourself, with the right preparation and the help of a few strong friends, it is possible to relocate the hot tub to your new home successfully. Before starting, get professional advice about moving a hot tub yourself, so that you understand the steps and risks involved and are properly prepared to do it.

Here are some general guidelines to consider before starting the moving process:

Prep the Tub for Moving

First, shut the spa off at both the disconnect and main breaker panel. Then the obvious – drain out all the water. There may be residual water in the plumbing lines which can be removed by putting a shop vac up to each individual jet port and suctioning it out. Once it is empty and completely dry, disconnect all gas and electric lines connected to it. Bundle the wires and secure them tightly with so they will not get tangled up. You can tape them to the inside the tub with masking tape. Make sure you check that the drain cap is tightly secured.

Measure the Tub So It Fits the Moving Truck

Take the dimensions of your hot tub to be sure it will fit the truck you rent or borrow for the move, vertically or horizontally, once secured properly. The same goes if you are using a trailer of some sort.

Recruit Some Friends to Help

Enlist the assistance of friends, relatives, neighbors, or anyone else who is able-bodied and willing to help – at least four of them. You may be able to entice them with a pizza party after the move, a little cash, or to be your guests at the first use of the tub in its new location.

Get the Necessary Moving Supplies

To help you move the tub more easily and safely, you will need things like ratchet straps (tie downs), several 4 X 4 pieces of lumber, at least two four-wheel furniture dollies, and, possibly, an appliance dolly. These supplies can be purchased or rented at many moving supply stores or moving companies. Seek their professional advice about acquiring the right supplies for the size and weight of your tub and the distance it will be traveling.

On Moving Day

Your four helpers will give you one person on each side of the tub, plus one to oversee the navigation to and from the truck. Here is some general guidance to consider:

• You may need to turn the hot tub on its side to make it easier to maneuver through narrow terrain along the path to or from the truck. Have one person at each corner to lift and rotate the tub onto one of its sides. If transporting on its side then make sure the equipment side is face down (on the dolly or cart) to reduce risk of damage and easier maneuverability.
• Place your 4 X 4 piece of wood under the tub for support by sliding it completely under the tub, one side at a time.
• If the tub is being move on a flat surface, you can use two furniture dollies, one under the back of the tub, and one under front, with the sides being supported. Use ratchet straps to secure the tub to the dollies. If stairs are involved, the appliance dolly will work best, along with a ratchet strap.
• At the new location, lower the hot tub to the ground as slowly and carefully as possible. Once on the ground, lift up each corner to slide out the dollies.

Safety is a biggest concern when moving a hot tub. Be honest with yourself, after assessing the risks involved, that you are confident you can manage the relocation of your hot tub yourself. In the end it’s not worth the risk of injury or damage to the hot tub if done improperly.

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  1. That’s a good point that you’ll have take dimensions of the hot tub before choosing a moving truck. That could definitely make the whole moving process more awkward. If I were moving a hot tub a long distance, I’d probably just want to find a mover that would take care of it for me, so I wouldn’t have to deal with the stress on moving day!

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