LPI, Inc Acquires Tuff Spas

Johnson, Tennessee based LPI, Inc. is continuing it’s acquisition spree of yet another hot tub manufacturer. LPI’s newest acquisition is Phoenix, Arizona based Tuff Spas, a specialty hot tub manufacturer with a line of rotationally molded hot tubs that feature a unique hard cover design. The acquisition is seemingly strategic as acrylic (fiberglass) hot tubs and rotomold hot tubs are categorically different (within the hot tub world) and generally appeal to different buyers. Rotomold hot tub and spas also hit a more entry level price point and are more simpler in design and features. Tuff Spas is also unique when compared to it’s peers because they feature a hard cover (made of the same material as the rest of the hot tub) and not a traditional vinyl and foam cover. The hard cover lasts considerably longer than a traditional vinyl and foam cover that deteriorates, absorbs water, and becomes waterlogged (heavy) over time. In most cases a vinyl and foam cover only last 2-4 years and must be replaced at a cost of $300-$500 each time.

LPI, Inc. plans to expand the hard cover design to the rest of the of its traditional acrylic and fiberglass spas making them more competitive and unique in that category. As of writing this article, LPI has already released the cover on it’s Catalina Spas luxury line of hot tubs which they call the “Tuff Top”.

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