Looking for the Quietest Hot Tubs?

quiet hot tubHot tubs, like any home appliance that runs all of the time, can be noisy especially if near a bedroom.  However, some hot tubs are louder than others.  If you are looking for a quiet hot tub then here’s a few tips to consider before purchasing.

Make sure the hot tub has a 24 hour circulation pump for heating and filtration.  A circ pump is critical if you are looking for a quiet hot tub because they are smaller, move less volume of water, and much less noisy than a larger two speed pump that does circulation on low speed and jets on high speed. Circ pumps are typically rubber mounted and designed to be quieter.  Also, circ pumps will have more effective water purification (ozone, UVC, etc.) as they run 24 hours a day versus 4-8 hours a day in a two speed system.  Some hot tub dealers that don’t offer circ pumps will tell you its because they breakdown and are just another thing to go wrong which is tough to argue but the pros of having a quieter system with better water purification definitely offsets the costs.

Make sure the hot tub has good insulation.  A well insulated hot tub (full foam) typically encases all of the plumbing and waterlines thereby eliminating a great deal of noise and vibration inside the hot tub cabinet.

Another way to reduce or eliminate noise is to simply place the hot tub further away from home.  This has less to do with which hot tub you buy and more to do with keeping it out of earshot.  Also avoid putting it near a bedroom or a part of the home where you consistently spend a lot to time.  Also, avoid setting it on a deck as the vibration passes from the hot tub to the deck thereby amplifying the sound.  Keep in mind, placing the hot tub too far away from the home might also inadvertently affect its usage and desirability especially on those cold winter or rainy days.

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