KFC Innovations Labs to Launch “Kentucky Fried Hot Tub” on Indiegogo.com

A hot tub that looks like a bucket of fried chicken? Sound absurd or is it the next revolution in hot tubs? Well absurd or not it’s happening.  The famous Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food chain has announced that it’s seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo.com to support the creation of a hot tub (among other products) that features a wood fired heater,  seating for five people, and a full graphics wrap colorfully displaying KFC branding.  The “Kentucky Fried Hot Tub” is the brain child of KFC Innovations Lab out of Louisville, KY who is committed to seeing the project thru if they can meet their funding goals.  If the campaign funding goals are not meant then all monies will be refunded to supporters.  As of writing this article the project has garnered just over $242 with 29 days remaining.  Delivery of the product is set for August of 2019.  Many people wonder why such a successful and profitable company like KFC would require crowdfunding to launch an idea such as a hot tub.  The answer, posted on the Indiegogo.com page, is that the company wants to involve people into the process of selecting and supporting new ideas while KFC focuses  their resources on producing the best friend chicken.  Whether or not KFC’s position on this makes sense to anyone will ultimately be decided by the success of the campaign.

Hot Tub Specifications:

  1. 78″ Round x 47″ Tall (chimney 9′ tall)
  2.  5 Person
  3.   250 Gallon Capacity
  4.  Wood-fired thermosiphoning heater with stainless steel chimney
  5. Vinyl cover

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