Jacuzzi Releases New “Virtus” Spa for European Markets

Jacuzzi Spas announced in a recent press release the availability of their new Virtus Spa.  Designed and engineered for the professional and hospitality markets in mind, it can still be used in a residential application.  The Virtus definitely has some unique and cool features.

  1. Nautilus Shape – The spa design was supposedly inspired by a nautilus seashell which we must admit is cool looking.  It gives the spa a very distinctive and elegant look.
  2. Specifications – The spa dimensions are roughly 7 foot by 8 foot and approximately 3 foot high.  It seats 6 people.  It also has a 600 gallon water capacity.  It’s available in both a self-contained (portable) version as well as a built-in version.
  3. Integrated Sand Filtration – Like many commercial pools and spas the hot tub features a sand filter however it is built into the unit and not housed separately which is very uncharacteristic of a commercial hot tub.
  4. Cooling Pump –  The Virtus can be ordered with the optional Jacuzzi® CoolPower™ cooling pump (actually a heat pump) that has the ability to actively lower water temperature down to 50 degrees despite the ambient air temperature. This feature is great for times of the year when temperatures consistently hot or for recovery purposes after hard training and workouts.
  5. Heater – The Virtus comes with a standard 3kW heater, however, it can be upgraded to a 6kW (3kW+3kW) system.  It is also available with the optional heat exchanger or EcoHeat (heat pump) systems.

The Virtus was designed for the European Markets (50 Hz), however, it appears to be available upon request in a 60 Hz version as well for North American markets.

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