Indoor Hot Tubs

Indoor hot tub spasIndoor hot tubs are hands down the most convenient and accessible applications out there.  It’s a known fact that hot tub usage goes up dramatically if access to the hot tub is convenient and easy.  With an indoor hot tub you don’t have to worry about walking outside in the cold or worry about privacy.  You don’t have to worry about weather or unwanted intruders messing with it. An indoor hot tub is also more energy efficient as it’s not subject to dramatic temperature fluctuations as an outdoor hot tub would be.

With that said, there are some considerations and care one should take before installing an indoor hot tub. These include having proper ventilation for the steam and moisture generated from the hot tub, creating access to the equipment for repairs and maintenance, and making sure the hot tub has the appropriate structural support (for the weight).  We would always suggest having a licensed contractor or engineer do the necessary calculations for structural support.

Having a adequate exhaust/ventilation is extremely important as spas generate a lot of moisture which can cause mildew or mold if not handled properly. Contractors or homeowners use exhaust fans, windows, and dehumidifiers  among other ways to manage moisture output from a hot tub.

The last and equally important precaution is to make sure the equipment and plumbing in the hot tub is accessible for service and repair.  Hot tubs and swim spas typically require 18″-24″ of access on all four sides for service although most of the repairs a relegated to the equipment side which is only one side.  Another consideration is delivery and removal access of the hot tub itself.  One must consider how to get the hot tub into the desired location in the first place and also what it might take to remove the hot tub at the end of its life potentially 15-20 years down the road. Spas like all appliances have a lifespan and need to be replaced from time to time.  It is wise to plan the installation of the hot tub in a location in the home where it is close to an exterior wall with an oversized door, sliding patio doors, or french doors which can make it easier for the initial delivery or replacement in the future.

For more information on how to research and compare hot tubs before purchasing please visit our hot tub buyer’s guide pages. You can also click on the pink boxes at the top right of every page to get a free local quotes from dealers in your area.

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