How a Hot Tub or Swim Spa is Built

In this article we will take a look at some best in class practices on how to build a hot tub or swim spa. We will break the process down into some very basic and simple steps.

Vacuum Forming Hot Tub Shell

Vacuum Forming A Hot Tub Shell

Strengthening The Hot Tub Shell

Strengthening the Hot Tub Shell

Drilling and Plumbing the Hot Tub Shell

Drilling and Installing Hot Tub Jets. Also Running Plumbing and Manifolds.

Hot Tub Framing and Support

Building and Installing the Hot Tub Frame

Rigid ABS Plastic Base for Hot Tub

A Thick ABS Pan (floor) is Vacuum Formed For Each Hot Tub Model

Hot Tub Water Test and Quality Checks

Each Hot Tub Undergoes a Rigorous Water Test and Quality Checks on All Components

Installing Hot Tub Cabinets

Hot Tub Cabinets Are Attached to the Hot Tub Frame

Hot Tub Packaging and Shipping

The Final Step in Hot Tub Manufacturing is to Detail and Clean the Hot Tub Before Shrink Wrapping and Protecting the Hot Tub for Shipping

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