Hotspring Spas Releases New Freshwater™ Salt System

Hot tub juggernaut, Hotspring Spas, has released a new water care system dubbed the “Freshwater Salt System” which is available on all Highlife Collection hot tubs and Limelight Collection hot tubs. The in-line water management system is salt based and according to the manufacturer has all of the following benefits;

  1. Easy to use utilizing a disposable titanium cartridge that can be removed and replaced without requiring a drain and refill
  2. More gentle on your skin
  3. Takes away harsh odors caused by traditional chemcials
  4. Requires only one water change a year thereby conserving water and reducing maintenance time

The salt generator produces chlorine automatically saving time and ultimately makes for a more enjoyable and easy hot tub ownership experience.  Also, the amount of salt reserve (salinity) in the hot tub is very low so it is virtually odorless, tasteless, and non-corrosive.  For example, the Freshwater Salt System requires 1500-2000 ppm (parts per million) salt concentration where as a swimming pool is 3000-4000 ppm and ocean water is 35,000 ppm.

We like the disposable cartridge when it comes to a salt system because historically the electrode cell in a typical salt system can become corroded (or scaling) and stop working over time requiring it to be replaced or professionally cleaned which can be costly and inconvenient.  Simply replacing a cartridge every four months is easy and simple for a homeowner.  There is one drawback to the disposable cartridge and that is the proprietary technology patented by Hotspring Spas which means you are stuck buying replacement cartridges exclusively from their dealer network and likely paying a premium as with most things that are patented and proprietary in nature.

You can also add the supplemental FreshWater AG+ Continuous Ion Sanitizer (by Nature2) which uses silver ions to further kill bacteria in your hot tub. As far as salt systems go it seems that HotSpring Spas offers one of the most effective and complete solutions on the market.

Watkins Wellness, parent company of Hotspring Spas, is offering the Freshwater Salt Systems on their Caldera Spas brand as well. For more information on the Freshwater Salt System visit

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