Hotspring Spas New Designs – Highlife Collection NXT

Hotspring Spas of Vista, CA has gone back to the drawing board and redefined style and elegance with the Highlight Collection NXT. They partnered with Designworks, a global creative agency owned by the BMW Group, and set out to redefine the words “luxury hot tub”. The BMW Group has always been known for their class, innovation, and leading edge designs and now offer these services to market leaders in other industries. This unique approach allows Designworks to work with clients that in most cases are some of the best companies in their respective industries combining their creative expertise with that of the client’s engineering to create some of the most unique and inspiring looking products in the market place. Take a look at the new Hotspring Collection NXT and you will see nothing short of this level of excellence. In addition to unique designs the NXT models offer the following exclusive features;

1. Moto-Massage DX – Now instead of one moving jet stream that sweeps up and down your back there is two.
2. Wireless Remote Control – Control the function of your hot tub with a removable control panel that turns into a remote control and can operate the hot tub within a thirty foot radius.
3. Exceptional Filtration – Over 300 square feet over no-bypass filtration which means 100% of your hot tub water is going through the filter at all times. Their Tri-X Filters are also dishwasher friendly.
4. Energy Efficiency – Multiple layer foam insulation increases overall energy efficiency and polymeric base pan minimizes contact with the ground preventing heat loss.

With 5 models to choose from the Hotspring Collection NXT is sure to have something to fit your hot tub criteria.
For more information on how to research and educate yourself on hot tubs then make sure to visit our hot tub buyer’s guide pages.

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