Hot Tubs Heated by Bitcoin Mining

There’s been a recent onslaught of media related to the invention of hot tubs heated by cryptocurrency mining. It’s no secret that Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and various other cryptocurrencies consume a great deal of electricity to mine, however, one of the byproducts of the mining efforts is heat. Why not capture and use that heat to warm up a hot tub among other viable applications that will help reduce the carbon footprint of crypto mining. One man has already invested the time in a novel prototype that does just that calling his invention the “Spa-256 Hot Tub”.

An endorsement of the idea was almost immediately given by energy industry mogul, Elon Musk, who called it a “great idea” in a tweet. The bitcoin miner called his creation the SPA-256 Hot Tub as a play on “SHA-256″ which is the cryptographic hash function used in mining Bitcoin. Doubtful that the concept will stick but it’s fun to see a creative and environmentally friendly way of utilizing the excess (waste) of one industry for the benefit of another.

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