Hot Tubs and Swim Spa Deemed Essential Business During COVID-19 Shutdown

Hot tub and swim spa retailers have been deemed an “essential business” by many states during the COVID-19 shutdown. Hot tub retailers and national hot tub industry organizations have been pleading to state governers that their products and services are needed by the community and therefore they must be allowed to remain open to the public during shutdowns. Hot tubs provide numerous health benefits for individuals. Especially, things like stress relief and better rest (sleep) which helps boost immune system response. Reduced anxiety, rehabilitation, and improved general health and wellness are also benefits of regular hot tub usage that many owners cannot live without especially in these unsettling and unnerving times.

Hot tub owners also rely on hot tub retailers to provide service and repair to make sure their hot tubs are running and also to purchase supplies such as hot tub chemicals and sanitizers to keep their hot tub clean and safe to use. Hot tubs with appropriate levels of sanitizer are safe to use and cannot spread coronavirus according the Center for Disease Control.

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