Hot Tubs and Sleep

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders in the population. More than 50% of the population has suffered an episode throughout their lives. Insomnia is defined as the inability to fall asleep or maintain sleep and may be related to a large number of factors.

One of the most common factors related to timely insomnia is stress or anxiety. Since during our day to day, we accumulate worries, overwork, and burdens that subsequently prevent us from resting. Only 5% of those affected by this sleep disorder go to their doctor to be treated. However, if you don’t want to resort to chemical treatments, a hot tub can be a great alternative to fight insomnia.

Surely if you think of a hot tub, the first thing that comes to your mind is a quiet bath, in which you can relax and forget all the problems of day to day. These baths help us stimulate arterial circulation, relaxing muscles and reducing nervous tension and stress. This last one can be two of the great causes of insomnia, so a relaxing bath when you get home, after work, will help you fall asleep much better.

The jets of hot water, massaging specific areas of the body where a lot of tension accumulates, such as the cervical spine or the back, contribute to eliminating the stress, anxiety and nervous tension that accumulate during a busy or hard day; this will help you rest and even relax your mind and prepare you to sleep.    

However, not all the advantages of hot tubs to fight insomnia end here. According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation of the United States, immersion in hot water a few minutes before sleeping helps you achieve a much deeper sleep.

A hot water bath 15 minutes before going to bed at a temperature between 99 and 104° degrees, helps lower body temperature, which contributes to better sleep reconciliation.

Without a doubt, installing a hot tub in your home will have multiple benefits for your health, and fighting insomnia will be just one of them. For all these reasons, do not hesitate to ask for a custom hot tub according to your requirements.

hot tubs improve sleep

Health Professionals Recommend Hot Tub Before Bedtime

Nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub before sleep. After having spent a heavy and stressful workday, the hot tub offers treatment and care for the body and mind. The purpose of these cures that use water is to calm down, to dispense the tensions accumulated throughout the day.

Health professionals agree that using the hot tub helps you sleep and improves everyday well-being. The doctors say that hot tubs, in addition to relaxing, allow you to regain a general balance of the body, activate the immunological system, increase metabolism and prevent hypertension. Hot tub treatments also relieve muscular pains. All this improves the general well-being and gives hot tub users more restful nights.

Health professionals confirm that by taking care of the body in this way, a complete rest is allowed at night. At a more psychological level, immersing yourself in the hot tub provides a time where the person can forget about their problems, work, etc.

The care provided by the hot tub helps you feel calmer. In addition, getting into the hot water of a spa or hot tub, health professionals say, changes body temperature inducing a state that favors sleep. After having relaxed in the spa, the body cools and thus prepares to rest. It is truly a very complete cure since the effect is beneficial for the whole body and above all, it is therapeutic for the mind.

Disconnecting from the world to take care of oneself for a moment can replace any sedative and naturally, you can fight insomnia nights. Health professionals advise cures and treatments in the hot tub with jets and bubbles to feel better and sleep serenely.

Summary of Hot Tubs Benefits

1.- Reduce body aches: The massages are perfect to reduce some body aches.

2.- Total relaxation: Another of the benefits of hot water is that it leaves us totally relaxed. So the hot tub is used by many people who tend to feel stressed, nervous and need general well-being. When the hot tub is in the gym, we can enter it after exercise, which is usually another remedy to relieve stress from our lives.

3.- Hot Tub Improves blood circulation: The hot tub dilates the blood vessels, and improves blood circulation, a fact that ends body pain and also makes us feel much better.

4.- Hot Tubs Help you sleep better: There are many people who have trouble sleeping. This problem usually develops partly because of stress. The hot tub helps us to sleep much better and more relaxed, and with this, we rest, gain in health, and relax the body.

In conclusion, the therapeutic effects of baths in a hot tub leave no doubt and favor quiet nights.

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