The internet is full of videos showing people doing dumb or dangerous things while drinking or buzzed that make us laugh.  Although we think reckless drinking is funny, the reality is that many accidental deaths happen when people decide to drink alcohol in a hot tub.

Soaking in a hot tub dehydrates the body; alcohol does the same thing.  Simultaneously, they can lead to light-headedness, heart palpitations, nausea, confusion and, if severe enough, a coma or even death.  So, if you decide to take the risk to imbibe in your hot tub – be sure to keep your body well hydrated.  Dehydration can also bring on dizziness, often a precursor to stumbling or falling – not a good scenario near water.

Recently, on the set of a reality TV show, a cast member, who was drunk, playfully jumped into the hot tub. He sank to the bottom and did not come up.  Fortunately, a camera operator was nearby and pulled him out, saving his life.

alcohol in hot tub

Soaking While Under The Influence

Hot tubs also cause a drop in blood pressure.  If you have low blood pressure, you may get light-headed more easily.  Slipping, which is always a possibility when there is water on the ground, is even more likely when you are light-headed, high, or dizzy.  Even if you do not have a blood pressure problem, a quick change in one’s blood pressure can cause light-headedness, as often happens to people in a sauna.

Falling Asleep or Unconscious

The hot tub is a great relaxer of the mind and body; alcohol also relaxes mind and muscles.  When combining the two, you are much more likely to drift into sleep, pass out, or sink, as the TV show cast member did.  If you are supervising children while drinking, be aware that you could lose focus and your awareness of them.

Heat Exhaustion

The heat of hot tub water expands our blood vessels, and increases our body’s temperature, in the same way alcohol does.  The double-dose of these conditions can lead to heat exhaustion, which may cause unconsciousness, a stroke or a heart attack.  Symptoms of heat exhaustion include a rapid heartbeat, fatigue, confusion, dizziness, head pain, nausea, and extreme sweating.

Broken Glass Hazard

If you bring a cold drink into a hot tub, the rising heat can cause the glass to shatter and spray shards of broken glass into the water.  Completely draining the tub is the only way to clean up shattered glass in a hot tub.

The bottom line is – avoid drinking while hot tubbing.

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