Hot tub yoga, which combines the stress-reducing activities of movement, meditation and relaxation, is a highly enjoyable way to support your physical and mental wellness. Moreover, your stretching, toning and balancing exercises are done in the comfort and privacy of your own hot tub.

Practitioners of hot tub yoga say that doing yoga in a hot tub is actually easier than yoga on the ground, due to the buoyancy of the water, and the natural resistance of the water make it easier to hold the poses.

Doing yoga in a hot tub is a gentle, yet empowering daily practice The benefits of hydrotherapy – managing fatigue and relief from chronic pain, plus the benefits of yoga — greater flexibility, strength, and balance, can rejuvenate the body while centering the mind on awareness of the present moment. In addition:

• The water’s buoyancy provides a low-impact exercise experience.
• The warm water enables you to stretch your muscles at a much deeper level.
• Exercising in a hot tub encourages better mental relaxation.

If you already practice yoga, your hot tub can take your practice to a new level.

hot tub yoga exercises

Who Can Benefit from Hot Tub Yoga?

Hot tub yoga is adaptable to any type of movement or meditation, so virtually anyone can benefit from improving their mind-body balance. Immersing oneself in warm, swirling water with a set of focused relaxation exercises can be especially beneficial for improving sleep, reducing pain, and improving cardiovascular and respiratory functions.

Examples of individuals who could benefit from hot tub yoga are:

• Athletes and active adults who want to balance their fitness activities with simpler ones.
• Seniors with stiff muscles, joint pain, or other physical limitations.
• Anyone who wants to manage their daily stress. Approaching activities from a more centered, empowered place can noticeably reduce anxiety.

One practitioner’s opinion: “After two months of hot tub yoga I am toned in areas that had not been touched with other types of exercise. For me, the meditative breathing is a big stress reliever, and gives me a great energy boost.”

Combining two stress-reducing activities – yoga and hot tub hydrotherapy – can ramp up your level of relaxation, and balance out your mind-body relationship for greater wellness.

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