Hot Tub Heaven – Hotel Rooms with Beer Filled Hot Tubs?

Scotland based, BrewDog Brewary has created the ultimate craft beer hotel that is crowdfunded. The beer hotel, referred to as the Doghouse, not only has well appointed, beer themed rooms but also comes with a full stocked mini-fridge full of beer and also a tap that pours a BrewDog craft beer.

BrewDog is becoming well known as it made a splash last year with its Columbus, Ohio taproom when it announced a new policy that would give all employees a paid week off for puppy parental leave. The time off is for new pet owners to adjust and acclimate their new pet in the household.

Some of the craft beer hotel highlights include:

1. A mini fridge filled with craft beers
2. Limited edition craft beer tastings at the taproom
3. Craft beer pairings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
4. Locally made craft beer soaps
5. Dog friendly rooms
6. 32 rooms and 8 deluxe rooms

The hotel was budgeted at around $6 million and was built on the same campus as their Columbus, Ohio brewery. According to the company’s website the hotel is set to open August 27th, 2018. A luxury suite with a beer filled hot tub was originally in the plans last year but it doesn’t appear to be a feature in any of the rooms as of writing this article.

For more information please visit Brewdog’s website.

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