Hot Tub Electrical Installation

Installing the electrical service on your new hot tub or swim spa  can be done with proper preparation, knowledge, materials, and tools, however, we would always recommend consulting a licensed electrical professional for safety purposes or having one review your work before making final connections.

Things to consider before moving forward.

  1. Know the Electrical Code for Hot Tubs – There needs to be a firm understanding of the National Electrical Code (NEC) as it relates to hot tub installation.  There are safety and technical requirements that are important to both installers (electricians) and users of hot tubs to keep them safe.
  2. Know the State and Local Code for Hot Tubs – In addition to knowing the national code it is important to familiarize yourself with local and state codes as well.
  3. Emergency Disconnect – All hot tub electrical installations require an emergency shut-off referred to as an electrical disconnect that must be accessible to hot tub users and within a certain number of feet away from the hot tub and must be visible to bathers

Ten common pitfalls and mistakes made by do-it-yourself electrical installations that should be avoided.

  1. Make sure to use the correct wire size.  Undersized wire can pose safety and fire hazards.
  2. Make sure to use the correct breaker size.
  3. Make sure to use copper wire (no aluminum)
  4. Make sure the hot tub is NOT installed under power lines because it is unsafe and breaches the NEC code
  5. Make sure underground or buried wiring is NOT run underneath the hot tub.
  6. Make sure there is no lighting within 10 feet of outdoor spas and hot tubs.
  7. Make sure all underground wiring is installed in the proper rigid metal conduit and buried at the proper depth
  8. Make sure to read the electrical requirements and specifications on your hot tub owners manual.
  9. Make sure to upgrade your wiring to a 4 wire system (the new code) if you are replacing an older hot tub that had a 3 wire system
  10. Make sure to get the proper permits and to not use the hot tub until an inspection has been completed and approved

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