Hot Tub Cruisin – A Hot Tub Experience Like No Other

Looking to organize a fun and unique social experience for your family or group of friends? Then look no further than Hot Tub Cruisin. The San Diego based company offers several party barge boats (custom pontoon boats) equipped with a hot tub, BBQ for grilling, sound system, and coolers for non stop fun on the water. You can even request a waterslide! The ideas was spawned back in 2013 by Zac and Taylor Rhodes and they’ve built a thriving business out of it.

The boats can accommodate between 6-12 passengers depending on the boat and the type of rental. Basically there different types of rentals;

  1. Self Captain Cruise – you basically rental the boat and drive it yourself for the duration of your rental
  2. Anchored Cruise – a staff member follows you and your passengers in jet ski out to a designated area where they will help you get anchored. They will then leave you for the duration of your rental and return at the end of your rental period to pull the anchor and then escort you back to the dock/marina
  3. Captain Cruise – this is a great option for a group that wants to have a stress free cruise. Basically, HTC will appoint a captain for the boat that will cruise you and your group around for the duration of your rental. There’s 6 passenger limit on the Captain Cruise rentals.

The rates are hourly with a minimum one hour rental and a max of four hours rental. Depending on the size of boat the rate is between $225-$250 per hour and there’s a discount when you take it for four hours. The value is even better if you can fill up a boat for four hours because the cost goes down to as little $75 per person for what looks like an awesome experience.

For more detailed information you can visit the company website. They also offer franchise opportunities or the ability to purchase a custom boat similar their rental boats for personal use.

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