Hot Tub Cooling Systems – Hot Tub or Cold Tub

A hot tub is a wonderful thing especially during those colder months of the year, but what about during the hot summer months when sitting in a cool tub can be just as enjoyable? Especially if you live in a part of the country where temperatures are above 100 degrees for several months out of the year? The thing about a hot tub is aside from lowering the temperature on your control system and the ambient air temperature being at or below your set temperature there is no way of cooling a hot tub. In lay terms, a typical hot tub is designed to heat and raise water temperature not cool it. For example, most people use their hot tubs between 100-104 degrees, however, if you want to reduce the temperature to 90 degrees you can adjust it down on your control pad, however, the water will only cool to the ambient air temperature outside so if it is a 100 degree day then the hot tub won’t drop in temperature below that. Hot tub owners have done trivial things like putting in bags of ice to cool the hot tub but that can be tedious and costly not to mention only temporary. Thanks to some innovations in recent years you now have a choice to make your hot tub a cold tub. There are two hot tub companies currently offering cooling systems that will allow you to drop the temperature in your hot tub effortlessly.

The first company is Atera Spas out of Phoenix, AZ where the technology was born out of the necessity due to the extreme heat. Atera Spas calls their technology “AnyTemp”. The company claims to achieve a temperature range of 62-104 degrees. Simply just set your control pad to you desired temperature and no matter what the ambient outside temperature the system will maintain the desired temperature. Atera’s proprietary technology is self-contained and housed within the walls of the hot tub making it seamless. It boasts a 6000 BTU water chiller that can reduce the hot tub water temperature at a rate of 2 degrees per hour. This technology is also available in their swim spa line.

The second company is Watkins Wellness who offers their cooling system technology in both of their hot tub brands (Hotspring Spas and Caldera Spas). Hotsprings and Caldera call their technology “CoolZone”  . CoolZone claims to achieve a temperature range of 60-104 degrees. CoolZone differs from Atera’s cooling system in that the cooling generator is external from the hot tub and can be added to most spas in the Hot Springs and Caldera Spas line up.
Thanks to Atera and Watkins you can now use your spa 365 days out of the year not matter where you live and get the benefits of both hot water therapy and cold water therapy.

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