Hot Tub Complaints from Unhappy Hot Tub Buyers

In the world of online hot tub reviews it can be extremely difficult to weed thru the good and bad for several reasons;

  1. Negative Reviews Left By Competitors – many times hot tub competitors will bad mouth or leave negative reviews. It’s so easy to create fake email accounts and leave bad reviews that one must read reviews with a grain of salt.
  2. Negative Reviews Can Be One-Sided – there’s always two sides to every story even when it comes to businesses and consumers. Despite the cliche, the consumer is not always right. We would recommend businesses take the time to post rebuttals for erroneous complaints and for consumers reading reviews to read them and consider both sides of the argument.

Finally there’s the places in which reviews are posted. Most of the time they are on a business directory like Yelp or Google Places. Some times consumer take to negative review sites to tell their story. These sites can be more vindictive and spiteful in nature but they can also be valuable because they can highlight a particular business that has had a lot of negative reviews that show trends. For example, hot tub dealer “x” is getting routine postings with problems with their delivery department or service department. They can provide more insight into why a particular company is providing poor products or service.

Here are two of those negative review sites as the relate directly to the hot tub industry.

  1. Ripoff Report
  2. Pissed Consumer

Ultimately, you should avoid relying on reviews when there are few of them as they don’t provide enough statistical significance. Try to work with companies that have lots of reviews (30+) over a long stretch of time (5 years+) so you can feel more confident and comfortable.

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3 thoughts on “Hot Tub Complaints from Unhappy Hot Tub Buyers

  1. I have a spa that is 2 months now. It is a master spa. It has a jet that doesn’t work. They told me I need to pay an electrician to remove power and after master spas fixes the jet I need to pay to have it reconnected.
    This is a wartanty repair and I should not have anything come out of my pocket to repair what was delivered incorrectly.
    Mark Lowman
    Huntington Beach

    1. Hi Mark. If a certified, licensed technician is handling the repair and it is required to be a disconnected in order to perform the repair then they can typically handle connecting and disconnecting the hot tub. With that said, every repair company is a little different. Also, jet repairs don’t typically require a hot tub to be disconnected….they typically just shut them off at the breaker when repairing. If this is a leak repair and requires that the hot tub be drained and moved in order to perform the jet repair then disconnecting is likely necessary. Hope this helps.

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