Hot Tub Blue Book Values and Hot Tub Trade-In Values

Hot tub trade-in valuesIs there such a thing as a hot tub “blue book” value on a used hot tub? The simple answer is no. Unlike cars, where brand, model, mileage, age, and condition are key factors in determining used values such a formal and widely used method doesn’t exist in the hot tub industry. Mostly because the auto industry is much larger than the hot tub industry and because the used market for cars is infinitely larger than the used market for hot tubs.

With that said, there are similar approaches to valuing used hot tubs as there is to valuing used cars. Things like brand, model, age, and condition do matter but they matter less. For example, a good condition 10 year old Hotspring Spa that was $14,000 when new isn’t going to necessarily be worth more than a 10 year old Artesian Spas that was $9000 when new. Both hot tubs would likely have a residual value of say $2000-3000.

Furthermore, hot tub trade-ins also share some similarities to the auto industry. In the same example given above for the Hotsprings Spa that has a private party used value of say $3000 might only fetch a $1000 from a dealer if it is traded-in. If the Hotsprings is traded in to a Hotspring dealer then they might be willing to pay a little extra (say $1500) for the hot tub because it’s consistent with their brand and parts are easily available. Also, some buyers who might come into a Hotspring showroom might love the brand and quality but decide that the new model price is too much and a good condition used model might be just what they want.

With that said, used tubs also act like used cars in that they are typically more expensive if purchased from a dealer versus from a private party. The benefit of buying used from a dealer is the peace of mind that it has been tested, repaired, and in good working order and most likely with a short warranty in case there are any problems arriving after delivery. With that said, we would recommend purchasing from a dealer as the assurances given above are worth the small premium you would pay a dealer versus going private party.

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38 thoughts on “Hot Tub Blue Book Values and Hot Tub Trade-In Values

  1. We are selling our 2014 Marquis Spirit Spa. It’s been a great spa. The water fountain feature is not working, but believe it just needs an inexpensive small replacement part. I did not not replace it because we do not like having in on. We prefer the quiet. Very clean. Accent lighting. Step. Excellent cover and lift. We are selling it because we plan to be away more and will not be using it. Any idea what we should list it for? It’s hard to find comps.

  2. Hi there! I’m selling a 2018 alps, G-GS, looks like midnight canyon chestnut panels with Frog Ozone. It comes aqute with &2-leather

  3. What would a 2014 Jacuzzi model J355 be worth? I am looking at selling it & the dealership I got it from said probably around $10,000 but I am getting some feedback that it is too high. It is in excellent condition.

  4. hi; wondering what a 2019 Hot Springs Sovereign, salt water, with upgraded cover cradle & upgraded steps would be worth. Very good to excellent condition – hardly ever used, actually…professionally serviced and maintained by dealer where purchased from (also same dealer “buying back” from me). Thank you

  5. hello, I have a 2009 Master Spa LSX800 hot tub that is in great working condition & appearance, no leaks, 1 small tear in cover, what is a rough idea on a value as we are trying to sell it. We live in Waukesha county in Wisconsin

  6. What’s the value of a 2011 HotSprings Aria hot tub? Exterior shell is in average condition; interior is in excellent condition. All jets and features work. Control panel works but some minor display/pixel issues.

  7. I have a 2017 jacuzzi brand 6 person hot tub with a deep reclining seat – it also has a water fall with lights that rotate colors. It’s been used about 12 times. Well taken care of. What would the estimate resale value be?

  8. What is a fair asking price for 2014 Legacy Whirlpool Inspire? It has been well-taken care of and is excellent condition.

  9. Selling a 2014 Four Season Spa, tropical 3 person. Excellent condition, it was stored in our finished basement. What is a good selling price?

  10. I have a 2019 hot spring 4 seat with water fountain feature. Perfect condition. How much would they be worth?

  11. Would like to sell a BaJa model 1050, 150 gal, 4 seater with new cover purchased 2 yes ago which cost $400.00. Was purchased as a gift in 2004.

    Could you give an estimated value of the hot tub?

    1. Hi Barb. Is this a smaller Baja Spa (3 person)? Is it 110v? I found these measurements 54″ Wide x 78″Length x 29″ High. Also how would you rate the condition of the tub (fully functional, good shape cosmetically)?

  12. What would a 2009 Caldera Spas Niagara Utopia NIB3L3074 be worth. It is in excellent condition and has all documents.

    1. Hard to say Sandra but if it’s in good condition I would say $2000-$3000. Also depends on the age and condition of the hot tub cover (hopefully not water logged).

  13. I have a 2021 (delivered June 2022) Aspen Quattro ES. Wanting to sell but not sure how much to ask. It has all the bells and whistles.

  14. I’m selling my hot tub because now in the winter this exema is attacking my skin. And I can build my wife pantry cabinets in that area. It is a Thermospa and has lots of jets and two pumps that work plus everything works but the light. It’s a two person deep one. It is 13yrs. old only used 3months a year in winter and always been inside. Make an offer. I can’t figure out how to price it yet.

  15. I have a 2019 Artesian Nevis spa. Excellent condition, max number of jets. Only used about 2 months, but have kept up with the maintenance. It was $7050 new. What is an estimate of what I should sell it for. No bluetooth, but dues have foot blasters and multiple light changes. Thank You so much for your help.

  16. What would a rfair price on a used 2013 Bullfrog MY-R7 Standard R Series Spa; 8 person/4 jetpacks; dual captains chairs. It was outside in the North East and looks to be in average condition.

  17. I have a 7 year old, 10,000 gallon ThermoSpa brand spa. In very good condition. Any idea of price range it would be worth?

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