Hot Tub Acrylic Repair and Hot Tub Fiberglass Repair

Most higher quality hot tub shells outlast every other component in the hot tub especially acrylic backed fiberglass shells but they can chip, crack, blister, or even scratch from time to time. When this happens it’s important to address the issue right away to keep the problem from spreading and causing collateral damage to the other workings of the hot tub or swim spa.

Here are three easy to follow steps to repair a hot tub shell.

1. Locate the problem and assess the damage. To do this you should turn your tub off at the breaker, drain the hot tub, and dry off the shell and look for all of the problem areas. The repair could be a chip, scratch, blister, or deep scratch. If the damage is deeper than the surface layer of acrylic then the skills and experience required to do the repair properly may requiring hiring a specialist.

2. Gather all of the necessary materials for the repair. These include an acrylic repair kit, hot tub shell cleaner, towels, box knife, and sandpaper. It should be relatively easy (especially online) to find an acrylic repair kit in the same or similar color to your hot tub shell.

3. Make the repair. This involves thoroughly cleaning the damaged area and applying the repair material to the problem area just enough to fill the scratch or crack. Allow the material to dry and cure. Using a finer grit sandpaper, sand down the patch material until it is smooth and level with the rest of the aryclic. If you have a buffer you can buff the area to restore its shiny luster.  Refill the tub with water and you are ready to go.

Most scratches are an easy repair while blisters, depending on the size, can take a little longer. Nonetheless, these small shell repairs should be a relatively easy task by anyone inclined to do so.

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hot tub acrylic repair step 1
Hot Tub Shell Blister
ot tub acrylic repair step2
Hot tub Shell Repair
ot tub acrylic repair step 3
Hot tub Shell Repair
ot tub fiberglass repair step 4
Hot Tub Shell Repair After

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  1. It’s interesting to know that there are also hot tubs that are quite portable. I’m thinking about finding a good hot tub repair service soon because they weather is starting to get chilly. I think that I will be using my hot tub more often in the months to come.

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