Health Canada Restricts the Use of Saltwater Hot Tubs

As many manufacturers and retailers of residential hot tubs and swim spas continue to tout and promote saltwater systems, Health Canada has restricted their use to “protect human health and the environment”. Specifically, they have outlawed sodium bromide spa electrolysis devices or bromine generators in Canada. They have also required label amendments of all pool and spa chlorine electrolysis devices.

The findings and regulatory decision came from Health Canada under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act.

For an explanation of salt water systems in spas you can visit our buyer’s guide. For more detailed information from Health Canada and their full findings you can visit their website.

Salt Water Hot Tub System Explained

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One thought on “Health Canada Restricts the Use of Saltwater Hot Tubs

  1. We have had our Genesis system for more than 15 years and have no issues. What can we do to fight this ruling…People have made investments in these systems that the government with a stroke of a pen have rendered useless…talk about feeling helpless and mis represented.

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