Health Canada Restricts the Use of Saltwater Hot Tubs

As many manufacturers and retailers of residential hot tubs and swim spas continue to tout and promote saltwater systems, Health Canada has restricted their use to “protect human health and the environment”. Specifically, they have outlawed sodium bromide spa electrolysis devices or bromine generators in Canada. They have also required label amendments of all pool and spa chlorine electrolysis devices.

The findings and regulatory decision came from Health Canada under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act.

For an explanation of salt water systems in spas you can visit our buyer’s guide. For more detailed information from Health Canada and their full findings you can visit their website.

Salt Water Hot Tub System Explained

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8 thoughts on “Health Canada Restricts the Use of Saltwater Hot Tubs

  1. We have had our Genesis system for more than 15 years and have no issues. What can we do to fight this ruling…People have made investments in these systems that the government with a stroke of a pen have rendered useless…talk about feeling helpless and mis represented.

    1. Check with your local city run pool. Apparently most use a salt system.
      I currently checking my area and will question health Canada.

  2. Dave, I do t see anything in this article about why Canada banned them. Perhaps I’m only seeing abbreviated article??

  3. I may be late to this thread, but I HAD an Arctic Summit with Genesis system. It rotted out 2x in 6 years and was extremely expensive to replace. Then i find out the thing basically gives you CANCER and so I cut out the Genesis and ran it for another 2 years as chlorine. 8 years in and the cedar cabinet was so rotted we went to slide it across our patio and the cabinet came apart from the base… I am never owning another arctic spa let alone salt water tub, not worth the hassle. Tips so this doesn’t happen to you?… Stay away from Salt Water Hot Tubs, Buy synthetic Cabinets and Never trust a brand that keeps pushing salt water even though they know it is obsolete.

  4. I don’t use salt water for the reason I want to control the chlorine in my pool and hot tub! Salt water takes time to turn into chlorine in the mean time it’s very hard on equipment and the tub itself! It also causes your PH to run high and that is not good on anything! It will eat up your equipment! We have been building pools since the 60’s and pretty well have came across every situation you can!

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