Great Ideas for Landscaping Your Hot Tub Setting

You can add beauty, charm and versatility to your hot tub setting with the creative use of the vegetation around your hot tub. Thoughtful planting decisions can create an even more pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy your hot tub. Landscaping is also a great way to incorporate the tub’s setting into the entire yard environment, including the exterior color and architecture of your home. You can adapt one or more of these ideas with your own to create your unique personal oasis.

Use Hardscaping. Materials like gravel, pavers, small boulders, river rocks and other natural materials can be used as design elements in your yard for contrast with the green plantings in your yard. Create a focal point in the yard, with an interesting structure, a fountain, waterfall, or pond, for added interest to your hot tub environment.

Create more privacy with vertical plantings. Enclose three sides of your hot tub, or plant tall hedges in strategic locations to increase the privacy of your hot tub users. Enclosing the hot tub can also provide protection from the elements and creates a spa retreat ambience.

Choose fragrant plants. A pleasing scent can add another layer of relaxation for the mind and body while soaking in the tub. Consult with a gardener, or home supply center about fragrant plants that grow well in the shade, or love full sun. Use native plants for a more authentic feel to the setting.

Use plants in containers. Potted plants are easier to move, rearrange, and bring inside during winter. Set pots near your hot tub in a pleasing pattern, or line a walkway or other feature of the yard with small colored pots of plants. Instead of using pots with drainage holes, put a few inches of gravel or a brick in the bottom of each container to avoid messy drainage. If you place plants near the tub, be careful not to block the tub’s maintenance panels, which you may need to access in the future.

Hanging plants can add dimension, drama and romance. Extended brackets secured to a tall sturdy fence or the exterior of a house are perfect for hanging beautiful, flowering plants. Pots and baskets should be hung low enough to be easy to water. Do not hang plants directly over, or very close to, the hot tub, to prevent leaves and other debris from falling into the tub.

hot tub hanging plants

Decide against using plants with thorns, fruit or seasonal leaves. Thorny plants are potential “ouchers,” fruiting plants can attract bees and wasps, and fallen needles and leaves require frequent sweeping. In addition, tropical plants may need to be replanted each spring.

Be sure to check with a landscaping expert for other ideas and suggestions for your particular yard, before designing and planting your personal hot tub environment.

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  1. We’re planning a large backyard project for our property, and a private hot tub sounds amazing. If we can incorporate these ideas of yours, we could enjoy dips in the tub without having to worry about feeling too embarrassed about anything. I’ll use your privacy screen ideas when I get hot tubs from a local appliance store for sure.

  2. Making use of vegetation around the hot tub? Now that seems like a crazy idea, but one that I’m very curious to know about. Nonetheless, thank you for letting us know that this exists in the first place.

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