FROG @Ease Swim Spa Sanitizing System Makes Maintenance Simple

King Technology, the makers of the “FROG”, is introducing a game-changer for swim spa enthusiasts everywhere: the FROG® @ease® Sanitizing System for Swim Spas is here to revolutionize your swim spa experience like never before.

Frog @Ease Swim Spa Care

Picture this: a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive sanitizing system tailor-made for swim spas, hitting the market with a bang, removing the hassle of maintaining your swim spa water. The swim spa system is 3 parts. Part 1 (minerals) and 2 (time released chlorine) combine together in a floating ball that uses both minerals and slow release chlorine to sanitize the water and kill bacteria. The minerals also have a conditioning effect on that water that makes it softer and helps keep the PH balanced. Part 3 is the FROG Maintain® for Swim Spas which is your monthly shock solution, perfectly complementing the power of FROG @ease for Swim Spas. The floating ball system steadily keeps the water clean and flips upside when the chlorine portion is used up and needs to be replaced. The single dose shock is added monthly and comes in premeasured packet that you simply pour in the swim spa and in 15 minutes the spa is ready to go.

Until this groundbreaking innovation, keeping swim spa water pristine has been a real uphill battle. Unlike pools or hot tubs, swim spas dance to their own beat, making traditional sanitizing methods more of a fuss to get proper measuring and dosage. Swim Spas are unique in that they are between 1500-2500 gallons of water compared to a hot tub which is around 300-500 gallons of water or a pool which is usually in excess of 10,000 gallons. Temperatures for also vary. Swim Spas have a range of 80-104 degrees, hot tubs are between 100-104 degrees, and pools are 75-85 degrees. FROG @ease for Swim Spas is engineered specifically for the unique volume and temperatures swim spas thrive in.

Let’s talk chlorine – everybody wants less of it, right? With FROG @ease, you can cut your chlorine usage by up to a whopping 75%! The innovative blend of FROG Sanitizing Minerals and SmartChlor fights bacteria to keep your water looking good and clean.

With FROG @ease, dive into a new era of swim spa sanitation that’s as easy as it is effective. Say hello to hassle-free maintenance and goodbye to the days of uncertainty – your swim spa deserves nothing less.

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