Form Smart Swim 2 Goggles for Swim Spas

Form 2 Swim Spa Goggles

In the innovative world of wearable technology, Form made waves (no pun intended) in 2019 with the launch of their groundbreaking augmented reality swim goggles which featured a built-in display, offering swimmers real-time data of their performance in the water. Fast forward to today, and Form has unveiled their next generation goggle, the Smart Swim 2, building on the technological advancement in aquatic training. In a nutshell, the Smart Swim 2 focuses on continued improvements and advances from the first generation goggles.

The essence of the Smart Swim 2 lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate technology into the swimming experience. With a sleek design and a crystal lens housing the display, these goggles provide swimmers with valuable telemetrics such as heart rate, distance covered, split times, and more, all without disrupting their swim rhythm. The Smart Swim 2 maintains the familiar two-button user interface and display resolution of the Smart Swim 1, ensuring continuity in user experience.

While the Smart Swim 2 may not boast drastic changes in functionality, it does introduce several noteworthy enhancements. One such improvement is the reduction in size and form factor of the tech pack by 15%, enhancing both comfort and aesthetics. Additionally, the Smart Swim 2 offers longer and more adjustable straps, along with a wider range of swappable nose bridges, ensuring a customized and comfortable fit for every swimmer.

Operational familiarity is a key aspect of the Smart Swim 2, as it retains much of the functionality and ease of use found in the first gen model. Upon downloading the accompanying app and pairing it with the goggles, users can navigate the device’s settings with ease, selecting swim environments such as pools, open water, or specific swim spas. Once in the water, the goggles automatically track motion, allowing swimmers to focus solely on their performance.

One notable addition to the Smart Swim 2 is the introduction of “SwimStraight”, a feature designed to aid open water swimmers in maintaining their course. Utilizing the built-in digital compass, SwimStraight provides swimmers with a live “in-goggle” directional bearing, providing both safety and confidence during your swim. This real-time guidance minimizes the need for swimmers to rely on external landmarks, ensuring more accurate navigation during open water swims. Then there is “HeadCoach” which is another very cool feature of all Form Goggles that provides data (telemetry) related to head pitch, peak head roll, and time-to-neutral which help improve technique.

While the Smart Swim 2 may not revolutionize the swim wearable market, it represents a commendable evolution of Form’s pioneering swim goggles. Through incremental improvements, Form continues to solidify its position as a leader at the crossroads of technology and sports equipment. The Form Smart Swim 2 Goggles are available for $240 and can be purchased directly on the manufacturer’s website.

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