FlowRider Surf Machines

Here at Hot Tub Insider, we don’t typically veer to far away from content and information relating to the hot tub industry but occasionally we will find a related topic or product for at home recreation that is exciting, disruptive technology that we feel should be shared with our readers. This brings me to FlowRider Surf Machines out of San Diego, California. This company has developed a line of artificial wave machines for for use in a variety of applications from commercial (water parks) to residential (FlowRider Edge) and everything in between. These systems are truly remarkable taking up a very small footprint and creating a very incredible flowboarding experience that can only be otherwise had in a lake (wake surfing) or ocean (surfing).

The line of simulated surfing machines are available in 11 unique models for a variety of applications. Here’s a quick overview of the line:

  1. FlowRider Compact (in-ground installation) – The Compact is the smallest unit in the FlowRider family and is designed for a single rider.
  2. FlowRider Single (in-ground installation) – The Single is a single pump, smaller unit with 400 square feet of riding surface.
  3. FlowRider Double (in-ground installation) – The Double is the most popular FlowRider model featuring a two pump system.
  4. FlowRider Triple (in-ground installation) – The Triple has an inflatable ride surface and the largest riding area (40 feet) capable of running 3 riders at once using the inflatable dividers.
  5. FlowRider Wave In A Box (WIAB) – Completely portable, self contained FlowRider system equivalent in size and specs to the FlowRider Double. The WIAB can be placed virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors and doesn’t require any digging or excavation as it sits above ground.
  6. FlowRider Edge – The Edge has a unique design specifically for attaching to an existing swimming pool. It utilizes the pools water and filtration system making it the perfect residential FlowRider system.
  7. FlowRider Mobile – The Mobile is the most transportable and portable FlowRider system available. It is an inflatable unit that fits in its own container making it perfect for private events, corporate events, or other commercial applications (festivals, concerts, etc.). The Mobile can be set up in a day and taken down in a day.
  8. FlowBarrel Ten (commercial application)- the largest and most challenging of the FlowRider family, the FlowBarrel runs a four pump system that can be run independently or simultaneously. The FlowBarrel simulates the most life like ocean barrel surfing experience. The FlowBarrel is almost exclusively used for commercial applications such as waterparks.
  9. FlowBarrel Ten Double (commercial application) – Basically, double the performance of the FlowBarrel Ten, the FBT Double has 7 pumps creating the most powerful, double barrel experience.
  10. WaveOz (commercial application) – The WaveOz is the highest capacity surf machine in the world. It features a fully inflatable ride surface and also has the largest sheet wave with 180 degree riding surface.
  11. LatiTube – Two rider capacity, the LatiTube is a great beginner stationary wave that gives the rider control over water volume and level of intensity. Rider starts out on dry surface and water is slowly introduced through hundreds of ports under riding surface until the desired flow level is reached.

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