European Hot Tub Manufacturer Wellis Spas Makes its U.S. Debut

Wellis Hot Tubs and SpasWellis Spas, based in Hungary, was one of the most talked about stories of the National Pool and Spa Show in Las Vegas last week.  The European hot tub maker took the show by storm with a large display of hot tubs and swim spas in an effort to break into the United States hot tub and swim spa market.

Since it’s inception in 2003, Wellis Spas has recognized the demand for quality products in the European markets and made strides to position themselves to capitalize on that consumer demand. Wellis has been one of the fastest growing hot tub manufactures in Europe over the last decade and the more recent investments they’ve made in their manufacturing facility and cutting edge production techniques has put them in a nice position for even more unprecedented growth.  With over 300 employees and capacity for more production the company is seeking opportunities here in the United States.  The national Pool and Spa show in Las Vegas is the place to be for making relationship with dealers and retailers across the United States.  Dealers come to this large industry show to shop for new hot tub lines and products so it’s no wonder Wellis chose to go big when displaying at the show.  With that said, there are already some 80 hot tub brands across North America and the industry is somewhat saturated.  It will be interesting to see if Wellis is able to find success in this already well established market.  In fact, many North American hot tub manufacturers have found a great deal of success exporting to the European markets in the last 10 years because that’s where all of the growth and demand has been especially in the midst of the 2009 recession when the hot tub industry experienced major contraction here in the United States.  It is also challenging as an overseas manufacturer to have  an effective presence in the U.S. because manufacturing lead times, service, and support are all critical when competing with domestic manufacturers.  Wellis will have to figure out a way to workaround these challenges if they are going to be successful.

All things considered, competition is always a good thing because it improves quality and creates new innovations so we feel confident that Wellis Spas expansion into the United States is sure to shake things up a bit and have all of the other manufacturers stepping up their game.

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5 thoughts on “European Hot Tub Manufacturer Wellis Spas Makes its U.S. Debut

  1. I lived in Holland for 3 years and saw the Wellis spas and they are very poorly designed and engineered, So many blockages to water flow, and really bad ergonomics. They don’t have a clue how to make spas very comfortable. The seats are too small, and only skinny people can use them.

  2. Thank you for your opinion, which is important to us! Fortunately, thousands of customers around the world choose Wellist products for immersive design and ergonomics. If we can help you or share your experience directly with us, please contact us!

  3. Hungarian made hot tub with canadian parts inside. Looks like nothing is made or manufactured in the USA. The question remains that when American dealers drop the Wellis line in the future, where will the customer be able to get parts and pieces when the hot tub needs to be serviced?

  4. I’m a Vita, Viking, Dreammaker, and Wellis dealer here in the US with going on 40 years in the business. It’s a global economy out there. Wellis uses Lucite acrylic made in the usa, Gecko controls, made in Canada, other components are from all over the world including the US. This is the case with almost all US and foreign manufacturers. All of those components can easily be obtained if needed. I have found the Wellis spa to be very well build and designed with great deep seating and some really nice low back jets. They perform as good or better than any of the US brands that we sell.

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